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Games Day/Ankle Sprain
Tuesday, December 1, 2009 @ 2:00 AM

Sprain my leg ankle again on the same spot while playing
basketball yesterday. So careless of me for doing this stupid mistake.
Hope that it will recover as soon as possible as that spot injuire more
than one time.

Maybe swearing not going to playing basketball for my whole life!

Sometimes life in army get really so bored without good buddy/friends, times
pass by so slow and morale really reach the lowest point of all.
I wish that I wont have ppl in the army making fun of my
surname which I guess anyone could get ugly as they all have
their limits own.

Last of all dedicated for puppie,wish her happy 15th brithday and
have a fulfilling year ahead!=D


About myself
Friday, November 27, 2009 @ 7:30 AM

Your view on yourself:

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313 post
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 @ 4:28 PM

I offically declare this blog is going to close down soon
maybe due to several reasons. Might be due to poor response,
or no time to update.

Nothing much to update, now currently under going vocational
training as u see!! Become signallers soon after graduated from
the course! Radio set and other stuff bah..bah...
Everyday lessons like going for lecutres,
going to drooze off almost every min!!

Last paragraph is for my best mei mei in the
world.Sorry for saying those sentence to u that
make u so piss off. :( Piggy promise that wont
say those words to hurt her again.